The Future Unicorn Startups of 2022

Vlastimil Vodička

The new year is fast approaching: which startup companies will make the transition from soonicorns to unicorns? Many exciting startups are getting close to hitting that all-important billion-dollar mark, turning them into unicorn startup companies.

If you are looking for a list of startup companies to invest in, we have just what you need. Use our unicorn startup list to guide you towards the best startup companies to invest in today. For the year 2022, here are 22 startups that could become unicorns this year. 


Having health insurance that works best for you is incredibly important, especially for a business owner looking to get insurance for the entire staff. Founded in Paris, this French startup offers digital health insurance in a way that makes sense to the consumer. They focus on creating the best environment for the consumer with their excellent price to quality ratio. 


Including high-quality video content on your website could make or break the end-user experience. So, this American audio/visual startup wants to improve the quality of video streaming and embedded videos for global digital media companies. They ensure their videos will work at top performance on any platform, making sure your message reaches a wide audience with ease. They also give you access to the analytics of your videos at any time from any device. 


The need for remote and web-based education has been on the rise. This Polish brand on our startup companies list is helping make online education and tutoring easier for parents, teachers, and students. Brainly is a series of apps for students to help them learn and receive quick feedback. They can also easily access help from their peers or from experts.


Home buying can be a real headache, especially for house flippers. Luckily, the Italian startup company Casavo has a solution. With their easy-to-use app, buyers can submit real money offers directly to the seller, either before or after any renovations are completed. This improves the experience for both buyers and sellers, making this app desired by a wide market of consumers. 

Culture Amp

Working for a big corporation can make lower-level employees feel invisible and ignored. Culture Amp has thought about this and created a solution. This Australian company is working to make employee feedback seamless and effortless. Their app is designed for staff surveying and analytics, making it so the CEO and others at the upper end of the business can understand what is not working for their staff. 


With the different benefits and needs that different credit and debit cards cater towards, it is easy to run out of space in your wallet. Luckily, the UK’s Curve is working to minimize the number of cards you have to carry around all the time. You make the purchase with the currently selected account, and then you have up to two weeks to decide in the app whether or not you want to switch the purchase to a different bank account or credit line. Curve’s cutting-edge banking tech makes them a unique find on our company list. 


Sometimes getting paid biweekly is not enough. Spending all your time working and then waiting for the money to come in may not seem fair. Earnin is setting out to change this. This California startup company gives you access to the money you are making as you earn it. Through their smartphone app, you can get money that is rightfully yours interest-free. 


Keeping your pets safe and healthy is vital. They are important members of your family. So, the Boston-based startup Embark Veterinary wants to ensure the health and safety of your furry friends. By using dog DNA testing, they can end preventable diseases in canines. Through these genetic tests, the diets and lifestyles of dogs can be optimized to ensure healthy and long lives, even with genetic dysfunctions. 


AI is now being used in practically every imaginable field. The benefits of AI can be seen anywhere, including the medical and pharmaceutical industries. This UK startup is using AI technology to improve drug discovery and development. The AI learns the best practices and implements them, making the process of trial and error run a lot faster. 


Online food ordering has become a staple in people’s lives. With easy access to meals from all of your favorite restaurants, it’s obvious people would want to order their meals through their phones. This business model has already been proven successful. This startup based in Ireland wants to get in on this market but with a better app and better customer experience. They strive to be open to more businesses than their competitors, giving everyone more access to the foods they love. 


As their name suggests, the future of learning is here, and it is free to anyone who wants to take advantage. UK’s FutureLearn offers free, online courses from the top universities. With 14 subjects covering a wide variety of topics, you’re sure to find something important to learn. They also offer affordable subscription services for users to get more access to content. With remote learning becoming more prevalent, and universities becoming more expensive, services like FutureLearn can be life-changing. 


It is possible you have already seen the HappyOrNot product in some store, office space, or airport. This company on our startup information list comes from Finland, with their simple smiley face button interface that allows for passersby to quickly and conveniently rate their experience in an establishment. Data collection is an important part of improving and scaling a business. If you can easily learn whether your customers are happy or unhappy, you can begin working to make a difference in how you do business. 


3D printing has certainly risen in popularity in recent times. But, ICON is 3D printing in ways you may have never seen before. Having previously worked with NASA, this Texas-based startup company is bringing 3D printing to the world of architecture and home design. Combining robotics and architecture, they have used 3D printing to create prototypes for future Mars and Moon habitats for astronauts. They have also created the first 3D printed home ever sold in the United States. 


In this world of remote work, having a dedicated workspace is becoming something people must consider a lot more often. JustCo makes it easy for freelancers, remote workers, and companies large or small to have a convenient office setting to work in. This Singapore-based startup provides patrons with Wi-Fi, telephones, private meeting rooms, and more. JustCo gives people a sense of community, as they are able to participate in workspaces with like-minded individuals. 


Notarize is helping legal documentation be signed and notarized completely virtually. This startup from Boston uses high-end encryption technology to help people without easy access to legal notaries get their documents notarized with ease. With 24/7 access to a notary, they guarantee your documents will be notarized in 15 minutes or less. 


It may be difficult for smaller companies to manage payroll. It is a lot of work that needs dedication and attention to detail. PayFit is there to support these companies by making managing payroll easier than ever. This French startup platform gives employers both payroll and HR software solutions, as well as dedicated staff members ready to support your team any time an issue arises. 


For product developers, software like Productboard is a must. This is a workspace that lets you plan out all your product ideas with ease, incorporating target market feedback into your planning process. Based in San Francisco, this startup company wants to help you create and market your products in a way that works for you and delivers the highest quality end result. This startup is a great investment for companies that work with product creation and distribution. 


Route streamlines the package delivery process for consumers. You can connect this Utah startup’s app with any email account you have. This will give you real-time status updates about the items yet to be delivered to your doorstep. They also offer 1-click package protection, giving you peace of mind that your packages will be insured no matter what happens. Route will resolve any issues with deliveries on your behalf. 

Soda is a data management and protection platform for businesses. Their intelligent system will keep track of your data and ensure it is all verifiable and trustworthy. You will be alerted of any issues that arise with your data right away. Based in Belgium, this startup wants to ensure your data is high-quality, accurate, and effective. 

Soundtrack Your Brand

Having the right music in your store or workplace can make a big difference in sales. It has been shown that people are 10% more likely to buy something if they like the music. So, the Swedish startup company Soundtrack Your Brand is here with a solution. Not only will you have access to over 58 million songs available to you, but you’ll also have universal playlist access, meaning you can manage the music playing at multiple locations straight from your phone. They are working with Spotify to provide you with the best and easiest access to a wide library of background music for your business. 


Spacelift is an all-in-one platform designed for developers. This platform uses the terraform binary, which is an open-source project. This California startup utilizes this project to help users manage any cloud, infrastructure, or service. You can work on a single project or multiple, and you can make these multiple projects connected and dependent on one another. Spacelift gives developers the most control and the proper workspace to complete complex tasks. 


Zilch makes it easy to break down large payments into smaller, more manageable segments. You pay 25% of the total cost upfront, then the rest in 3 installments, each 2 weeks apart. Customers can use Zilch anywhere that MasterCard is accepted, making purchases easy in many different locations. This UK startup company wants to make paying in installments easier and more accessible for those who could benefit from it. 

The Bottom Line

There is a wide range of soonicorn companies that could easily transition to unicorns over the course of a year. Finding these unicorns early and being ready to invest in worthy startups can be a lot to handle. Luckily, there is help out there for you. Be sure to check out Startup Scout by Leadspicker to help find your unicorn in 2022. With advanced AI technology and an easy-to-use interface, Startup Scout will get you the results you are looking for faster and better than anyone else. Use the form below to sign up for a free demo. 

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