The Power of LLMs & GPT-4 AI in Start-up Scouting eBook

You will learn the following:
  • What data sources we use to scout startups and how to scrape them
  • How you can get data from LinkedIn (and don’t get your account blocked)
  • How to utilize ML to distinguish between a startup and an ordinary company
  • The role GPT plays in our stack, along with an example of a prompt
  • What's new with OpenAI GPT-4?
  • How we ensure that our database is up-to-date and enriched with necessary information
  • How we use blacklists and deconflicting rules to avoid reaching out to the wrong contacts and overlaps between programs
  • What you need to do to run a large-scale outreach campaign
  • Our infrastructure and the recommended sending limits for best possible deliverability rate
  • Why many startups drop out during the application process and how we address it
  • How we streamline the evaluation procedure and speed up the process from days to hours
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Use Cases

Reliable data about high-growth business. All in one place.

Investment scouting

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Client says
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“300 startups was my dream and we reached 500 submitted applications!”
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“After testing it, we have purchased the yearly subscription of the Data Platform.”
“We look at Leadspicker not as a service provider but a partner who helps us generate quality deal flow for our global programs.”
“Leadspicker provided a clear, smooth process and ensured a low-risk recruitment for our Medical Imaging Acceleration programme.”
“Leadspicker is our trusted partner in identifying high-potential later-stage startup and scaleup candidates for our startup partnership program. They have increased the number and the relevance of the applications each year since the start of our collaboration. Their speed and flexibility definitely differentiate their service.”
“Leadspicker has been a great addition to our marketing campaign, which we started working together for our second cohort scouting efforts. We've decided to work with them again due to their willingness & flexibility to deliver success in a variety of ways.”
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