How does Startup Scout work?


Kickoff meeting

First, describe your desired search field – industry, geographical area, size, type, etc. Next, prepare  your application form or use our cutting edge Application Form and let us know what sort of startups would you like to address with it.


Finding startups

We’ve got a system through which we’re able to process millions of websites. We enrich our results with over a thousand more startup sources such as company databases, social networks and other. All this broadens our database and makes sure we don’t need to rely on any other data provider.


Validating startups

Time is precious, so we use machine learning technologies to do the scouting, then a team of reliable analysts polish the results so only the relevant startups are contacted.



Just like we only look up what's relevant for you, we also personalise messages send to startups. The conversion rate from an email to a finalised application to your program is around 10 %.


Delivery of startups

Out of 100 startup leads that we contact, 8-15 will submit the application form. How many more startups could apply to your program in the next 4 weeks?

Let Us Discover the Most Ambitious Startups

Client says
Huge thank you to the amazing Leadspicker team, we received fantastic applications for our hardware Accelerator. Our expectations were exceeded and I look forward to working with the professional, efficient and friendly team at LP again in the future!
Kristine Tjarve
Programme Coordinator
"We worked with Leadspicker on a project Pfizer HealthCare Lab to identify promising Healthtech start-ups in the CEE region. The team provided great customer service from the beginning to the end of the scouting process. I would recommend them without reservation."
Roman Jelinek
Pfizer, Project Ambassador
"We at the Fuel Accelerator were blown away by the speed, professionalism, and capabilities working with the Leadspicker team and their Startup Scout tool. In less than 30 days, they delivered over 200 qualified applicants and generated significant interest in our program. The results, process, and dashboard exceeded our expectations and crushed competing solutions we've used in the past. 10/10 would recommend."
Taylor Hasley
Executive Director, Startup Junkie Foundation
"The Leadspicker team is professional, responsive and result-driven. Great team to work with for uncovering budding startups."
Travis Lim
SIA Digital Innovation Lab
"Leadspicker helps us with startup scouting for our PODIM conference. We come back every year because of their professional work, a smooth process, and great support. Our expectations were exceeded again this year. Many thanks."
Tamara Korat
Project Manager, Tovarna Podjemov
"Leadspicker has enabled us to further widen the scope of our innovator scouting, giving us a strong influx of new leads whenever our programs require fresh and qualitative startups!"
Clément Costanza
Community Lead - APAC, Agorize
"Leadspicker successfully helped us identify high-quality applicants in a very specialized field. We are thrilled with the result!"
Jared Yarnall-Schane
Entrepreneurship Director, Biomimicry Institute
“I found some nice startups there. And renewed the subscription three times!”
Andrés Manso
Founding Partner, Incubio Corporate Venture Incubator
“I can highly recommend this tool. Good job!”
Emanuel Allely
Head of Focus, Usine IO
“We used Leadspicker Data Platform to find our finalists for our Startup Award!”
Lenka Solcova
Project consultant for Innovative technologies, Deutsch-Tschechische Industrie- und Handelskammer
“We were satisfied with both quality and the quantity of the leads Leadspicker delivered. For one and a half week, they have really added the value to our program.”
Travis Tasset
Senior Vice President, Nueterra Capital
“We used Leadspicker to help us for the scouting of our 9th acceleration batch. 50% of the top selected startups were found by Leadspicker!”
Cedric Maloux
CEO, Startup Yard
“You managed to find startups which are not even publicly visible, good job!”
Magdalena Kwoska
Project Manager, PwC Startup Collider CEE
“We worked with Leadspicker on two projects in the USA and plan to cooperate with them again in the near future.”
Antony Seppi
Operations Director, Hamilton Mill Accelerator
“We were concerned regarding the quality of startups but Leadspicker we proved otherwise. The investment in the service was definitely worthy.”
Nicky Deasy
Director of Operations, The Yield Lab
“First we had doubts to cooperate with an unknown European company which left us a very short deadline. Now we see the value and how professionally Leadspicker team operate.”
Brett Noyes
Managing Director, Unchain.Ventures
“300 startups was my dream and we reached 500 submitted applications!”
Agnieszka Meller
Head of Startup Relations, InfoShare tech conference
“This application form with automatic reminders saved us so much time!!”
Martin Kesner
Director, Vodafone Idea of the year
“We use Leadspicker application form for our Hype sports innovation TOP 50 program.”
Amir Raveh
Founder and CEO, Hype sports innovation
“After testing it, we have purchased the yearly subscription of the Data Platform.”
Xuan Wang
Operations Manager, Rockstart Accelerator
“We look at Leadspicker not as a service provider but a partner who helps us generate quality deal flow for our global programs.”
Sofia Oikonomou
Global Startup Scouting Lead, F10
“Leadspicker provided a clear, smooth process and ensured a low-risk recruitment for our Medical Imaging Acceleration programme.”
Daniel Szemerey
Co-Founder & Director, Health Venture Lab
“Leadspicker is our trusted partner in identifying high-potential later-stage startup and scaleup candidates for our startup partnership program. They have increased the number and the relevance of the applications each year since the start of our collaboration. Their speed and flexibility definitely differentiate their service.”
Zsanett Andresin
Startup Program Manager, OTP Bank
“Leadspicker has been a great addition to our marketing campaign, which we started working together for our second cohort scouting efforts. We've decided to work with them again due to their willingness & flexibility to deliver success in a variety of ways.”
Peter Jeun Ho Tsang
Director, Foundry



  • Global focus

  • Focusing on all startups and industries

€4,000 – €6,000
Delivery time 2 – 4 weeks
Try lite


  • Specific region focus (e.g. Europe, the Americas, etc.)

  • Specific industry focus (e.g. computing, science, art, etc.)

€6,000 – €8,000
Delivery time 2 – 4 weeks
Try standard


  • Specific country focus 

  • Very specific industry/case focus (e.g. startups in southern France led by a female founder focusing on products with positive social impact)

Delivery time 2 – 4 weeks
Try premium

These prices are estimations. Our pricing is performance based. That means you’ll only pay when we deliver successfully

Looking for the next unicorn to invest in, cooperate with, or acquire?

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