How Startup Scout Delivered The Latest Early Stage Startups For Baloise

Publish date:

March 15, 2023

Baloise is an insurance and financial services company that focuses on providing innovative and customer-centric solutions to its clients. The company's main goal is to help people and businesses manage risks and protect their assets, while also providing them with peace of mind and financial security. The company places a strong emphasis on digitalization and sustainability, using technology to improve the customer experience and reduce its environmental impact. 

"Leadspicker's Startup Scout delivers the latest quality early stage startups directly to our team so they can focus on the evaluation process, saving us time and resources. Highly recommended." - James Sanders, Investor relations

The Challenge

The challenge for Baloise was to identify and connect with mobility startups that could pitch online in front of a number of mobility specific investors at Mobility Demo Day. They wanted to contact at least 40 startups to connect with, but didn't have the resources to do so on their own.

The Solution

To address this challenge, Baloise turned to Leadspicker Startup Scout, our lead generation product that specializes in finding startups. The Leadspicker team used their expertise to source 823 leads for Baloise.

Once the leads were identified, Baloise and Leadspicker worked together to create a personalized outreach message that would resonate with the startups. The message was designed to highlight the benefits of having a pitch at the event and encourage startups to apply for collaboration opportunities.

The Results

The campaign was a success, with an open rate of 57.4%, a click rate of 8.3%, and a reply rate of 2.4%. In total, the campaign generated 9 positive replies, 9 neutral replies, and in total 41 applications.

These results exceeded Baloise's expectations, and they were thrilled with the outcome of the campaign. The leads generated by Leadspicker were high-quality and relevant, and the personalized outreach message resonated with the startups, leading to a high response rate.


In conclusion, Baloise was able to successfully find mobility startups to join the event thanks to their partnership with Leadspicker Startup Scout. By leveraging Leadspicker's lead generation expertise and developing a personalized outreach message, Baloise was able to achieve excellent results, including a high response rate and a significant number of applications. Overall, this campaign demonstrates the power of effective lead generation and targeted outreach in driving business growth and innovation.

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